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Earlybean a Family Ed-tech Company Launches and Joins Anjal Z Techstars Founders Catalyst Program

Earlybean, a learning-focused finance app for kids and teens is proud to announce two significant milestones. The public beta launch of their family finance app and their acceptance into Anjal Z Techstars Founders Catalyst Program.

Driving Financial Inclusion for Children in Africa

Earlier this year, Earlybean launched a learning and finance app that helps parents raise financially smart kids. The app is an upgrade from the popularly known ‘kolo’, giving kids and teens a chance to manage their own money, while learning to save, budget and invest through engaging lessons, quizzes, and games 🚀 

In response to a PISA study highlighting the lack of financial literacy among teenagers, Biobele Oyibo, CEO of Earlybean, expressed their commitment: "With the world going digital, essential life-skills like financial literacy are frequently overlooked, leaving kids at risk when they grow older and start to deal with money matters. Our goal is to change that, by providing educators and parents with tools to ensure that no child is left out of financial education," Oyibo declared.

Key Features of Earlybean

With our app, parents can seamlessly set up kids’ savings accounts, give them allowances, and guide their kids through our interactive courses and games that make learning about money fun and engaging. For kids, it's a chance to earn rewards, save for goals, and have fun learning.

Earlybean Joins Techstars Accelerator Program

After the successful public beta launch, Earlybean is excited to announce its acceptance into the renowned Anjal Z Techstars Founders Catalyst Program, kicking off this November. This partnership will provide Earlybean with access to invaluable mentorship, resources, and a vast network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Earlybean is set to expand its reach and impact within the ed-tech and fintech sectors.

Techstars is the world’s largest pre-seed investor providing access to capital, mentorship and other support for early-stage entrepreneurs. The Anjal Z Techstars Founder Catalyst program is an initiative powered by the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority and in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), Hub 71 and Techstars. The program is dedicated to supporting innovative startups making a meaningful impact in early childhood development.

Speaking about Earlybean's selection into Anzal J Techstars Founders Catalyst Program, Zoe Evans, Program Manager of the Anzal J Techstars Founders Catalyst Program said: "We totally loved your pitch and it was literally 5 across the panel. You were one of three companies that just went straight into the program." 

The Earlybean Impact

Since our private beta launch in February this year, we’ve worked with over 20 institutions, educated about 1500 kids, grown to around 1800+ signups and generated over $1,000 in revenue. 

Join the Movement

Ready to jump in? Be part of our mission to make every kid in Africa money smart. Download the “Youngster App” and “Parent App”, available on both Apple Store and Play Store.